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Hi guys...First of all, i'd like to apologize to ALL of my readers, esp those who's patiently waiting for my latest fic, MyungYeol's Hate That I Love You. The things is, i can't acess to LJ any longer through my computer and i can only open it through my phone. This is really sad since I can't update. And you guys have been so patient in waiting. Seriously, I'm sorry. But no worries, the fic is still on going, though, i only update in Asian Fanfics now. Just search for the same username eunhaeni_27. I've updated the latest chapter there and will continue to update there. I've tried LJ so many times but still nothing. So i guess Imma concentrate on Asian Fanfics only. Again, i'm so sorry and i hope i'll see my LJ readers there. Thanks and bye :)